Monday, February 13, 2017

"A World of Pausabilities" Released!
 Exciting news today!  My newest picture book, "A World of Pausabilities" by Frank Sileo, is now available.  It has great ideas for both kids and adults to slow down, relax and just be in the moment.  As I was illustrating this book, I realized that there were two different types of pauses - ones in which we tune out the world and look inward, and ones in which we feel our smallness and embrace that we are just a part of a wide wide world.  So, for this book, my art shifts between quiet vignettes and large nature scenes.  From picking apples off of a tree to puddle jumping to chasing fireflies, "A World of Pausabilities" takes the reader through a late summer day, from sun up to sun down, with families enjoying themselves, each other and the world around them.....through rain or shine! I hope you enjoy this book as much as I enjoyed illustrating it!

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