Sunday, November 25, 2007

Updated Website

Just in time for the release of the Directory of Illustration #24 (which hopefully will bring a few new visitors to my website), JZ Artworks online has a new look! I am fortunate to have a husband who is a web developer/designer, and he has worked with me to give my website a make over. There were many aspects of my old site that I enjoyed from an art-director point of view. It loaded quickly on most connections, was easy to navigate, and art samples were easy to view. Basically, the key word here was "easy". However, I felt that the site needed to make a bigger visual impact, especially on the homepage. I'm an illustrator, and I wanted the site to utilize more of my artwork in the design, and not just in the content.

I am really happy with the updated design! I feel that it gives a fresh presentation with higher emphasis on my illustration style, while continuing the easy-usability which marked my previous site.

Now, in the test phase, we tested the site on as many computers as possible, and we hope that all of the bugs have been ironed out. However, if you run into any issues while using the site, please let me know. Leave a comment to this post, and let me know the error, and also the browser you were using at the time. Thanks so much for your help!

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Shawn Finley said...

Hi Jennifer-
I'm a fellow illustrator also on Directory of Illustration. Wanted to let you know I did see a glitch you might want to know about. When you click on a thumbnail on your site, the large image that pops up is somehow still behind the scroll bar- I can send a screenshot if it helps.(Viewing this in Firefox) Other than that- beautiful site! I wish you continued success with your books!
-Shawn Finley