Monday, May 6, 2013

Promotional Postcards

Hi everyone!  Fellow illustrator Kristi Valiant (who has an adorable book about dancing penguins coming out later this year; everyone go preorder it) has a very informative blog post on promotional postcards for illustrators (you know, the ones you make and send out to art directors several times a yaer hoping that someone says "YES!  I love his/her work and have the perfect project for this art style!")  In any case, I wanted to share this post with you, because it is a great resourse for illustrators who are promoting themselves, their artwork, or their upcoming books.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

The Monsters Come Out At Night

My agency puts out a quarterly catalog featuring all of the artists in our group, and each catalog has a theme.  The second catalog of the year has the theme "Family", and I decided to take a slightly darker view of the subject than would be "typical" for the children's market, but is nonetheless very real for many children.

Fairy Tales

MB Artists, the amazing artist agency that I belong to, has released a promotional catalog with the theme "Fairy Tales".  Each artist contributed a piece of artwork with that theme. There are so many great illustrations!