Thursday, February 16, 2012

What I've been up to.

Hi Everyone! It's been a busy winter! In addition to chasing after my one-year-old, I've had several new and exciting projects. Here's a sneak peak!

"Here's Lily: Lily Series"
Published by Thomas Nelson

This book series geared towards late-elementary and early-jr-high Christian girls is getting a re-design. Take a look at some color shots of the main character with her new updated look!

"Building the Nest"
Client: Oltjen Design

This and several other images will accompany a poem about a mother robin building her nest in an apple orchard.

In addition to my client work, I've also completed some personal pieces...

Character Samples
This is a little character that I made up, a turtle whose shell is his house.

Swimming on Saturdays
This is one of my new promotional pieces for 2012, inspired by fun day last summer at our pool with family and friends!