Saturday, April 20, 2013

Just saw the book covers featuring the artwork that I created for the two new Lily Series books by Nancy Rue from Zonderkidz:  "Lily's Passport to Paris" and "Lily's In London".  These should be released later this year.  I love Lily and all of her wild orange hair! 

Monday, April 8, 2013

Keeping busy

It's been a busy spring!  I'm excited to be working on several book projects all at once, all for different publishers and age groups.  I can't say much about them right now, but am looking forward to sharing some of the artwork with you later in the year.  Plus, at least two of the projects will be books that my toddler can enjoy, so I am happy to be working on books that will eventually make their way onto her books shelf.  I also have a few new portfolio pieces to share.  My friend Missy announced her engagement last month, and she asked me to create an illustration to be printed on the back of the wedding invitation.  I was honored to contribute in this way to her special day.  She wanted something that would reflect her and the groom's personalities, little inside jokes that pertain to their relationship, and Chicago sites that wedding guests will get to enjoy during the wedding weekend.  Here is the finished piece.  I am so glad that Missy liked it!
I also worked on a self-promotional image, which was inspired by my daughter's love of ladybugs and cooking.  Olivia loves helping to make meals (even if "helping" really means standing next to me and eating the ingredients that I am trying to use), and I wanted to create something fun and product-oriented that would appeal to little girls like Olivia, but without too much pink or frills.  Instead of "foofy", I wanted "quirky and playful", and was inspired by modern patterns, toddler girls' outfits, and quirky color combinations of the sort that you might associate with "Alice in Wonderland".