Thursday, January 20, 2011

Jack and the Toddler

Yay for fun mail! I just got my copies of my newest book which will be released this summer, "Jack and the Toddler". It's part of the "We Both Read" collection from Treasure Bay. The books are designed with full paragraphs on the left side pages for parents to read, and simple sentences on the right hand pages for young children to read, so that the parents and children can read the story together. Although I always look forward to receiving copies of my books, I was especially looking forward to seeing "Jack and the Toddler", because this was the first client project that I painted digitally, and I was eager to see how my digital work reproduced. I am very very pleased! The colors are rich and vibrant, and exactly how I wanted them! If any of you want to read this fun story about a boy named Jack who is stuck playing with the neighbor's baby Mark for an afternoon, it is available for pre-order through the purchase section of my website. Enjoy!