Friday, October 12, 2007

So Why Should Illustrators Write Blogs?

OK, so I'm an illustrator. Typically, I leave the text-based storytelling to the authors.

But as I've talked with others - be it in person, via the internet, or at books signings - I have realized that illustrators have stories to tell as well. Stories about inspiration and creation. I always receive questions like, "How did you come up with that character?" or "What did you use to paint that picture?". People are interested in the illustrator's side of the story.

I have also learned that a personal webpage makes for a great portfolio, but is not a great place to post those stories. Heaps of text does not enhance an illustration site. Visitors are there for the artwork.

Hence, this blog. A place to write about projects, techniques, experiments, and daily sources of inspiration!

However, no inspiration to write about today, as for now, I am just focusing on setting this page up! So stay tuned!

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Homie Bear said...

I for one love those little stories of inspiration and behind-the-scenes.