Sunday, August 24, 2008

In Memory of Katie

On July 21st this year, Katie McGee passed away at the age of 9. She was the daughter of our friend Bonnie, and the flower girl in our wedding. Shortly after the wedding, Katie was diagnosed with a rare form of leukemia. She had a very rough 3 years of treatment. Although she was positive and brave during this time, Katie lost her battle just before what would have been her final treatment, and passed away. It was Katie's desire to be cremated, and I was honored when her mother asked me to produce a piece of artwork to be engraved onto the urn's lid. Bonnie wanted a picture of an angel holding Katie's favorite bear. The line work had to be simple so that the wood carver could easily reproduce the drawing in wood. I was very glad when I showed Bonnie the artwork yesterday, and it was exactly what she wanted. There isn't much you can say when a child dies, but I am very glad to have been able to do this for Katie and her family.


Phyllis said...

Very sad and very sweet. This is such a lovely image.

Unknown said...

That is a really touching drawing!
Thanks for doing that for Bonnie!

I am Katie's daddy and I really appreciate it!!
It was also really touching to see how many people Katie's life touched! There were sooo many people at her viewing and funeral. I would also like to especially thank the Awesome Nurses and Dr's at the Peyton Manning St. Vincent Children's Hospital!!

Thanks again, Pat

Nikki said...

I was Katie's babysitter. The art is beautiful. I love it! I can't wait for the urn! Last time i saw katie's ashes, she was just chillin on her bed in a box with a blanket. She needs a beautiful place to rest. thanx for doing that!